Kwik RC Frames has been actively involved in delivering Reinforced Concrete Frame Turnkey packages and the Manufacture of Precast Modular Elements since its establishment in 2010. The company has grown and evolved over this period and its experience and expertise has been linked to many high profile projects and clients both in the public and the private sector. The company’s ethos of delivering projects SAFE, on TIME, in parallel with QUALITY has helped us achieve the optimum results in delivering the projects for our clients.

Over the years Kwik RC Frames has worked with many leading Irish companies such as Sisk, Bam, Castlethorn and PM Group and now for our latest client Cairn Homes.

We recognise that any project or development is a significant investment for our client and we endeavour to deliver on each client’s specifications and expectations.

It is our aim to expand the services of our company by continuing to focus on the existing client relationships in tandem with their growth and expansion strategies.

Kwik RC Frames received ISO 9001:2015 and NSAI certification for the quality and production of both the precast columns and the precast wall elements.

Kwik are aware of the need to increase it’s current “Off Site” manufacturing facilities for modular precast elements in order to reduce and stream line the client’s program completion times and to reduce the inherent on site safety risks for all the vertical elements. Modular precast vertical elements are now our first choice components in terms of both time and safety.

Kwik continues to value engineer all projects and share these proposals with our client’s in order to deliver more components off site and in a just in time sequence for site installation.

Building on site vertical elements involves multiple trades in varying weather conditions and often difficult site conditions. There is a need within the industry to reduce this dependency and to reduce the on site risks going forward.

On-site Column Manufacture:

For building a column there is a lot of different trades involved and multiple process must take place on site.
Reinforcement unloaded from delivery (1 lift)
Reinforcement prefabricated on site and stood in place (1 lift + 1 working at height operation)
Column shutter stood (minimum 2 lifts + 4 working at height operations)
Concrete poured into column (min 1 lift and 1 working at height operation)
Column shutter struck (minimum 2 lifts + 4 working at height operations)

Installing a precast column:

Column lifted from trailer and installed (1 lift + 1 working at height operation)

As can be seen from the above the risk to operatives exposed to working at height practices reduces 10 times when using off site manufacture. The crane time required also reduces by 7 times allowing crane resources proceed with other tasks meaning a significant net gain to programme. With safety and programme (costs) greatly improved using off-site manufacture coupled with the introduction of ‘Impact by Strusoft’ for quality management in our ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing hub, Kwik can deliver products of the highest quality with benefits for both contractors and clients alike.


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