Benefits of Using Modular Precast Elements

Building on site vertical elements involves multiple trades in varying weather conditions and often difficult site conditions. There is a need within the industry to reduce this dependency and to reduce the on site risks going forward.

On-site Column Manufacture:

For building a column there is a lot of different trades involved and multiple process must take place on site
Reinforcement unloaded from delivery (1 lift)
Reinforcement prefabricated on site and stood in place (1 lift + 1 working at height operation)
Column shutter stood (minimum 2 lifts + 4 working at height operations)
Concrete poured into column (min 1 lift and 1 working at height operation)
Column shutter struck (minimum 2 lifts + 4 working at height operations)

Installing a precast column:

Column lifted from trailer and installed (1 lift + 1 working at height operation)

As can be seen from the above the risk to operatives exposed to working at height practices reduces 10 times when using off site manufacture. The crane time required also reduces by 7 times allowing crane resources proceed with other tasks meaning a significant net gain to programme. With safety and programme (costs) greatly improved using off-site manufacture coupled with the introduction of ‘Impact by Strusoft’ for quality management in our ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing hub, Kwik can deliver products of the highest quality with benefits for both Main Contractors and Developer Clients alike.

Benefits of Precast Elements due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic which is currently affecting all site work, the use of Precast Modular Elements has numerous benefits as the number of on site workers required for precast installation is significantly lower when compared to traditional Steelfixing, Formwork and Concrete Placing site methods.
Due to the current safety requirements for social distancing on building sites which had to be implemented at very short notice, the construction sector has to quickly adapt and put new sequences of carrying out work operations in place while keeping the workforce safe at all times.
One of the key challenges the sector faces is how to maintain productivity levels and delivery programmes, while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

A new opportunity for offsite precast modular elements

With the construction sector resuming activity and re-opening sites, the crisis has accelerated the need for smarter, faster and safer methods of working.
Off-site assembly methods are becoming more efficient and beneficial in improving delivery programmes, while having less workers on site making social distancing more achievable and reducing the need of proximity work.
The off-site manufacture method can achieve the same output as traditional construction methods for onsite vertical elements, but with 70% less people on site and a 40% faster site programme. The risk to operatives exposed to working at height practices is reduced 10 times. The crane time is also reduced 7 times allowing the crane to proceed with other significant tasks.
Kwik Precast manufactures high quality precast elements in a controlled factory environment before they are delivered to main contractors and developer clients, ready to install onsite.
Thanks to the precast modular elements we are able to continue working with a reduced site workforce, achieving client programmes whilst continuing to work in a safe manner in line with social distancing safety requirements.
Off-site manufacturing of precast modular elements alternatives to traditional on site construction. Relying on fewer workers and delivering the same product at high quality standards, off-site manufacturing can increase installation speed and reduced risk, keeping everybody safe during a pandemic. Off-site precast elements can only benefit a company from every point of view.
In recent years, the construction industry has undergone a rapid digital transformation and improvements in digital modelling techniques. We use one of the most advanced system, Strusoft system for design, manufacture, quality management and control in our NSAI / ISO Quality certified manufacturing hub.
Digital methods for construction is allowing client to collaborate more effectively, while minimising the risk both for clients and contractors.
We recognise the huge potential precast element have in the improvement of delivery and work efficiency.
The current situation also shifted the view of developers and clients toward off-site precast elements. Before the pandemic and the C19 lockdown, some clients preferred the traditional method as they are more familiar with it, but they are now starting to recognise the huge potential of new construction methods and going forward we will see this methods expanding and being regularly adopted.
An increase in demand of precast modular elements will change the production scale and will lead to even greater efficiency in the production and supply chain.
With social distancing in place for the foreseeable future, now more than ever the sector should look towards embracing the new methods over traditional on-site making of vertical elements.