Terraced and Duplex Housing Systems

  • Precast Concrete is one of the most fire-resistant materials as concrete is non-combustible, it is also non-toxic and it has a low thermal conductivity of heat through the precast frame.
  • Our precast methodology gives enhanced construction speed with the components produced concurrently with on-site preparation, reducing overall construction time. Our system allows for rapid site erection thus further accelerating the construction timeline.
  • Using our precast methodology for the building shell, the design is completely streamlined, owing to the omission of onerous and costly design details at material interfaces.
  • Precast construction minimises on-site construction activities which significantly mitigates many potential hazards, reducing safety risks for operatives.
  • Quality is assured, with Kwik Precast being NSAI certified and all elements arriving to site having gone through rigorous quality control, reducing on-site re-work to almost nothing.
  • Precast walls and floors provide excellent sound insulation properties, reducing noise transmission between units. It also allows the incorporation of insulation materials to enhance thermal efficiency thus optimising energy consumption and carbon footprint for the end user.

Utilising the advanced prefabrication expertise of Kwik, we deliver a broad range of superior, fast-track construction solutions, encompassing both terraced and duplex housing projects.
Throughout the construction journey, our team of industry experts actively partners with you, ensuring that every phase of planning and execution is carried out with utmost efficiency.

By choosing Kwik, you are tapping into our vast industry experience and expertise.
Our construction methodology for terraced and duplex housing projects is distinctly characterised by its rapid execution.
The prefabrication model dovetails perfectly with our approach, facilitating accelerated construction timelines.
Whether for terraced or duplex housing projects, each is conceived and designed within a unified architectural framework, promoting uniformity that paves the way for streamlined production.

This design consistency not only speeds up the construction process but also curtails costs.
The assembly and engineering aspects of this efficient process yield mutual benefits, ensuring an optimal outcome for all stakeholders.
Given these efficiencies, and under ideal collaborative conditions, we have the capacity to initiate and advance up to six housing projects within a week.